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Doctor Who Fanfic stories

These all feature the 10th Doctor

Rose and The Doctor's Valentine's surprise

It's Valentine's Day and since Rose has just lost Mickey, The Doctor plans on cheering her up by doing something special for her, completely unaware of what day it is. Rose has asked him to take her home for a visit and since there is no Mickey, decides to get him a Valentine's card and make him a romantic dinner. What can possibly go wrong?

Rose wants to visit Lapland and persuades the Doctor to go on a sleigh-ride with her. Needless to say, trying to keep warm during the trip proves to be enjoyable then when they get back to the lodge they have booked into, they decide to up their relationship after a visit to the hot-tub and a conversation about the past. Just a one-shot Christmas story.

The 10th Doctor had been investigating some disappearances in a deserted house when the weeping angels sneak up on him and zap him into the past – New Years Day 2005 to be exact and the only way to get back is to convince his predecessor and Rose Tyler who he is, once Rose has actually met him, well the ninth him.

What if Rose Tyler had an older sister? Two years older, Emily Tyler was the one to meet the 9th Doctor, going off to travel with him but when Emily goes missing for a year, it's Rose's boyfriend Mickey who gets hauled in for questioning. Rose never gets jealous, until Christmas Eve 2005 when they hear the sound of the blue box Emily goes off in and a strange man stumbles out.

After the events in 'Tooth and Claw' Rose and the Doctor are discussing about the wolf biting Queen Victoria when Rose said it wasn't really a bite mark and decides to show him what a bite mark really is when he doesn't pay her ten quid he bet her.

Rose and the Doctor are getting and very cosy with each other when the danger was over and they were alone in the Tardis. Rose is now constantly wearing low cut tops and tight jeans to get him to take notice of her when they are drifting around in between adventures. The Doctor has noticed a change in her ever since taking her to New Earth and means to find out what's wrong.

The Doctor taking Rose on holiday for a few days after narrowly escaping getting bitten by giant spider hybrids on an unknown planet. Rose gets him to relax by the pool and things get a little hot after dusk.

What might have happened if the Doctor and Rose had become romantically involved? After Mickey stays behind on 'Pete's World' Rose realises she has finally driven him away and now nothing can stop her pursuing the Doctor and the Doctor pursuing her without them both feeling guilty.

Rose Tyler has been summoned to Bad Wolf Bay by the voice of the Doctor. They followed his voice for 100s of miles, across the water and finally, he was standing in front of her. He promised he would find a way to get her back and for her to return in exactly one year in that world's time and he would have found a way for them to be together. Will he keep his promise?

Rose and The Doctor returned to their own universe safely only to deal eventually with the Daleks and Cybermen and Rose was cruelly taken across the void back to Pete's world. These are the steps The Doctor took to get her back and an alternate conversation at Bad Wolf Bay. Follow up to 'Rose and The Doctor in Pete's World' which should be read first to make any sense.

When Mickey and Jake thought they had seen Rose and the Doctor fly back home and gone off to find the rest of the Cybermen, little did they know the Tardis had re-materialised just a few minutes after they left, leaving the pair stranded in the parallel world with no power. They must enlist Pete's help and use his influence to persuade Torchwood to help them get back to their own.

What would happen if The Doctor accidentally takes Rose to a dance at the French Royal Court only to find Madame De Pompadour dancing with the King and she recognises him? Fun ensues as the two women fight to dance with The Doctor and the King is left somewhat puzzled. Events are before the King has been introduced to The Doctor.

Rose wants to go home for her friend's 21st birthday party and ropes the Doctor into going with her. All is fine until one of her friends starts chatting him up and the green eyed monster in Rose gets jealous and tells her mate he belongs to her and convinces him to go along with it. Then to convince everyone else, she plants a kiss on him in the middle of the dance floor.

Just a short fluffy piece! As Rose travelled with the Doctor, she felt they had got closer, especially since Mickey had stayed behind on Pete's world but every time they get near, he always backs away. Rose often wonders why this is – until she discovers his secret after he warms her feet after getting them soaking wet– he's actually scared of her mother!

Rose hasn't had her 'needs' satisfied for quite some time and is showing it but tries to hide it from the Doctor – not very successfully, so after an awkward conversation, he offers to help but he realises it's not that simple and has his work cut out for him.

Alternate ending to 'Rose and the Human Timelord' which should be read first to make any sense. The Doctor is now fully Human and refusing to open the fob watch, Rose moves to London to be with him and tries to persuade him to open it without telling him why. The entire world including him is under the illusion he is a famous actor and only Rose knows who he really is.

Rose bets the Doctor that he can't become Human after he brags that he can. The bet is he stays Human for three months, has no knowledge who he is and Rose can't tell him. Best of all, Rose gets to pick who he becomes so she tells the Tardis she wants him to become a famous actor who has just got a part in a play and she gets a job in the theatre. Set in the style of 'Human Nature/Family of blood' and inspired by David Tennant in the RSC's Richard II.

Rose and the Doctor become very close after travelling together and he realises it's more than friendship. One thing leads to another and he asks Rose to marry him but Rose is upset because her dad should be present to give her away so he does something about it – with consequences. Based loosely on 'Father's Day'

The Doctor and Rose have just dispatched yet another monster and about to triumphantly return to the Tardis when Rose gets ideas after they both say and think things about each other before and after the chase with the said monster and things get out of hand.

The Doctor takes Rose to a fancy 19th century ball and they have to stay the night to avoid discovery and not draw attention to themselves. They soon become lovers under the circumstances and things get hot and steamy. Inspired by the Doctor and Martha sharing a bed in 'The Shakespeare Code'

What if the Doctor sacrificed everything to follow Rose into the void? As Rose lets go of the lever in the lever room in Torchwood Tower, the Doctor watches and feels something he has never felt before – panic. He is losing the love of his life and makes a split second decision, leaving everything behind.

Takes place after 'New Earth' when Rose and the Doctor were possessed by Cassandra and both think about and admit their feelings for each other. The Doctor has just taken Cassandra back in time to die in peace and they discuss the kiss that took place.

The Doctor makes up for missing Rose's birthday and tells her she can go anywhere she wants. She wants to go to Paris but has more than her birthday on her mind.

After the werewolf had been dissolved by the moonlight reflected through the light tube at Torchwood House, the Doctor and Rose Tyler retire to a room to get some sleep but Rose is too wound up and decides to find a way to relax. All she has to do is get the Doctor in the same frame of mind – easy. Or so she thinks.

The 10th Doctor arrives in 1851 London to find he's landed at Christmastime with real snow. Then he hears the impossible – Rose Tyler was shouting for him! He discovers a 19th century version of his lost love and she talks her way into going with him and this time, there's no holding back of his emotions. They soon fall in love as he takes her on adventures she has never dreamt of.

Rose Tyler wants to go back to the 1930's to take a trip on a boat down the river Nile. The Doctor agrees and they manage to sneak on board to find none other than Agatha Christie. Of course that means a murder so Rose and The Doctor offer to help but he has left the Tardis on dry land and there is nowhere to hide when the killer strikes again, narrowly missing Rose. Inspired by Donna's quote in 'The unicorn and the wasp'

Rose screamed at the Tardis console as the ship landed and promptly went dead. Broken-heartedly, she goes out, Mickey running towards her. What if Rose gave up and never made the connection to the Bad Wolf messages scattered in the places she had visited? A few months later she hears the sound of the Tardis engines and rushes to see a stranger stepping out. Includes Jack and Nine.